System Scaffolding

Alustar Aluminium System Scaffolding


Our system scaffold has a full internal working height, and because it’s made of tempered aluminium it has an equivilant strength of a steel scaffold with only half the weight.

The low weight and the design of the components ensures that working with the scaffold is easier and less physically demanding on the scaffolder.

Environmentally Friendly

Our scaffold is fabricated from Aluminium and can therefore be recycled in the event of damage. The scaffold does not corrode, and has a long life time - even in maritime environments.

A system scaffold saving both time and cost

Due to the low weight and ease of use, we can document a saving of at least 40% versus traditional scaffolding.

Alustar is an approved class 6 scaffold system

Through our close cooperation with Hydro Aluminium, Alustar takes advantage of the aluminium properties to ensure that all components are designed with a focus on strength and safety.

Why choose Alustar system scaffolding?

We improve the working environment.

Alustar is a user friendly scaffold that improves a worker’s safety and working environment. It is stronger and lighter than traditional scaffolds. This leads to fewer injuries due to lifting and hauling. Preventing injuries is the foundation of the Alustar design. The system improves ergonomics for the users, and improves project economy for our customers.

Flexible and usable

Alustar has since 1995 been a leading aluminium scaffolding system on many projects due to:

  • Project economy
  • Holistic design
  • Less weight
  • Strength
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Adjustment possibilities
  • Ergonomics
  • Quicker erection
  • Quicker dismantling


The Alustar Aluminium System Scaffold has valuable and unique properties that ensures the safe work of both scaffolder and scaffold user.

The system is light.
Less weight per component reduces the danger of repetitive stress injuries.

The system is grooved.
The grooves drain water and ensures that gloves do not slip as easily. The system ensures non-slip both during erection and work.

The system is tall
Internal free height is above 2m, the highest on the market. Its therefore easy to use a helmet and boots inside the scaffold.

The system is complete.
When it’s ready for the user, there are no openings over 10mm around the kickplate and boards. Any falling objects stay on the working floor.

The system is robust.
All components and end fittings are built to take a punch, ensuring that they can be used on job after job without having to be thrown away due to damage.

The system is easy.
The connections are easy to verify.
Incorrect use of the scaffold is hard to do.
The span of available sizes ensures that risky shortcuts are eliminated.