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Alustar Aluminium Scaffold SyStem

At the start of the 90s there emerged a need for an alternative to the existing heavy steel scaffolds. Alustar as a scaffold concept was developed by advanced scaffolders with assistance of Hydro Aluminium Profiles AS. The result was unique.


Alustar Golden Crown
This year Aker Solutions was awarded the Alustar Golden Crown as recognition for the 25 years they have been using…
Long and Faithful Service
Director Martin Husebø, on behalf of Alustar AS, had the pleasure to present the diploma and medal for long and…
Safety Recogniton Award on the Tyra Redevelopment Project
This week we are proud to recieve TotalEnergies “Weekly Safety Recognition Award” on the Tyra Redevelopment Project. We are always…



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We are proud to offer what we consider the world leading scaffold system and access services. Through competitive markets, dependable coworkers and long user experience, we have created the best available system.

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